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October 16, 1999 - April 21, 2015

At the age of 15 Jeff was put to sleep after suffering kidney failure. I didn't know he was having problems until I found him lethargic in his favorite chair, unresponsive even to canned cat food which normally makes him go crazy. After picking him up I realized he was sick and took him to vet where I had to make the sad decision to put him down. He always feared the vet and even in his weak state he tried to struggle out of my arms one last time as we went to the car. It's sad I didn't get to spend any happy moments with him before he was gone.

Jeff was a one person cat, but I was fortunate to be that one person. In her early years Rachel thought all cats made the "hiss" sound. She went through great efforts over the years to be his friend and only recently got to the point where he would let her approach and pet him. She was very sad to see him go.

Though odd Jeff was a good cat to me. He loved being petted and often made a point of interrupting me to do so. For years he waited impatiently at the bathroom door while I was showering so he could get his morning pets in. He never scratched or bit me and stayed out of trouble. He will be missed.

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