Oregon Trip - Smith Rock

The next morning we rode our mountain bikes along the Windy River. The route was fun, but short. We did get to see some deer on the way. A group of five - 3 adults and 2 young deer - climbed out from the rocks and crossed the river as we watched. We also rode to the back side and saw Monkey Face, a tall pillar of rock regarded as one of the toughest rock climbs in the country. We then scrambled up some of the rocks on Asterisk Pass, but left the difficult stuff to the climbers. I had a little extra energy left so I jogged up a trail to the top of the ridge and went to the other side. There I got another glimpse of Monkey Face. As I was missing Jamie, and my water bottle, I headed back down.

Smith Rock has hundreds of challenging climbing routes and it almost makes me want to get back into rock climbing. If I could only get over that fear of falling to my death.

Shiprock and Picnic Lunch Wall

On Asterisk Pass

Jamie at the base of Asterisk Pass

Jamie and the edge of Smith Rock Group

South end of Smith Rock

Monkey Face

Jamie over the Crooked River

Leaving Smith Rock

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August 19, 2002