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About Us

David was born in 1970 in Riverton, Washington just a few miles from his childhood home in Tukwila. Being far younger than his sister, Julie, and two brothers, Mark and Steve, he lived most of his time as the only child at home with his parents, Vickie and Don. David enjoyed traveling the states with his parents, hiking with one brother and skiing with the other two siblings. With his friends he enjoyed playing video games, watching Star Wars and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

David graduated from Tyee High School in 1988 and went on to the University of Washington to pursue an engineering degree. After much stress and studying he graduated in 1993 with a BS in Electrical Engineering. Few jobs were available at the time and David contacted many companies for a job only to be rejected. He got his first interview with Morpho in Tacoma which hired him a week later as a software tester. With the new job David was able to pursue his love of skiing and video games.

David stayed with Morpho for the next 5 years and tuned his skill towards database administration. Outside his work he established a home in Federal way. To balance out his work with computers and leisure time with video games he become more involved with outdoor actvities including: hiking, biking, skiing, sea kayaking and running. His most proud achievements were riding the STP in one day and climbing Mt. Rainier

In 1998 he left Morpho to be a consultant. During that time he worked for AT&T Wireless, Fluke and Morpho again as a contractor. Outside work he graduated from The Mountaieers demanding mountain climbing class, took up snowshoeing and rafted the Grand Canyon. He also build his first computer and went searching on the internet...

Jamie was born in Seattle, Washington in 1972 and began her life as the daughter of Brad and Sandy. Three years later she took on the additional role of big sister when her brother, Andy, was born. Jamie lived in the Renton Highlands during the first few years of her life. Then, after a brief residence in Yakima, the family moved to Fairwood, just east of Renton. Fairwood would be home for the next twenty years.

Jamie participated in many activities throughout her youth. She was even on a bowling league (her team, Spare Time, took first place). But the best activity Jamie started was skiing. In 6th grade Jamie begged and pleaded and finally convinced her parents to let her learn how to ski and it became the family activity.

In high school Jamie continued skiing frequently throughout the winter. She would ski on Saturdays with the school group and Sundays with her family at Rokka Ski School. But she also participated in other activities with school such as debate, cheerleading, tennis and volleyball with the church youth group.

Jamie graduated from Lindbergh in 1991 and went off to college at Western Washington University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History in 1995 She completed her student teaching in 1996 and received her teaching certificate. As if this wasn't enough, in 1997 she enrolled at Seattle University to begin working toward a Masters of Education Degree. She finally received her degree in 1999.

But in 1998, something magical happened - she met David. She currently resides with David at his home in Federal Way and is employed as a Public Educator for the Seattle Fire Department.

How We Met

After the 1997/1998 ski season David lost most of his ski partners and didn't want to ski the next season alone. In October he used his new computer to access the internet with hopes of finding a new ski partner. He sent out the following request "Does anyone ski out there?". After two months of receving no responses from skiiers he got the following email on December 16, 1998:

                Hello and greetings from the original Snow Bunny :) In response to your question, the answer is yes. I live for the winter and hitting the slopes. I am a skier (but have tried boarding - I need to give it more time). I would describe my skiing abilities in very much the same way you described yours. I try to get up to the mountains every weekend. I used to average about 20-30 trips to the slopes a year, but with work, that has been significantly cut down to about 10-15 trips. I am always looking for a new ski-buddy. Life in the Pacific Northwest affords us with many great activities to keep oursleves entertained and snow skiing has got to be the best one of them all. A little biographical information if you are curious: I am 26 years old. I'm in pretty good shape, but like all women, think I could do better :) I love sports (playing and watching), but I'm just as happy to kick back and listen to some good tunes. E-mail if you want more info or if you want to hit the slopes sometime.
After a week of sending email back and forth this mystery person revealed herself to be Jamie. They skied together for the first time on December 26, 1998 at Ski Acres under the suspecting fatherly eye of Jamie's Ski Patrol Dad. Even though Jamie didn't have a ticket and got kicked off the chair until she got one, David waited for her to return with her ticket. She was so happy to see her prospective ski buddy was so easy-going and hadn't run off. They skied again on New Year's Day and decided that being ski buddies was a good thing and made plans to continue skiing together that season. Soon afterwards, Jamie invited David over for some home cooked lasagna. The spark of romance was there, but would probably still be just a spark if Jamie hadn't taken the opportunity to plant a kiss on David when the moment presented itself. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

The Proposal

December 19, 2000 was no ordinary day. It was the day David proposed to Jamie. The previous day he had picked up a ring and a rose to present to Jamie. The next day they were going up to ski at Mt. Baker. While packing that night, David broke the rose he planned to give to her. He was in a panic. How could he propose to Jamie without a rose?

The next day they got up early and headed up to Baker. They just happend to miss packing a lunch and stopped at a store on the way. David saw some roses there, but Jamie was with him so he couldn't buy one. As they went back to the car David mentioned to Jamie that they forgot to get some fruit and graciously volunteered to go back and get some. He was able to go back, get a rose (and some fruit) and return to the car without Jamie suspecting a thing.

They got to Baker and skied until the afternoon. At that point David suggested to Jamie that they stop in the middle of one their favorite runs, Razorhone Canyon, and have a cookie break. Jamie was cold and wanted to go inside. After some persistance he convinced her to stop. He took off his pack and pulled out a cookie for Jamie. She was not that impressed. He then took out the rose (intact) and she was very surprised. Finally, he got on his knee and presented the ring. She was surprised and very very excited. Oh, and she also said "Yes".

David Looking Sneaky

The Cookie

The Rose

The Ring

Mission Accomplished