The Wedding - Getting Ready

Though the Bride and Bridesmaids were busy, all the Groomsmen and I had to do was show up - dressed in our tuxedoes, of course, and with the rings. We were all subjected to the arduous process of getting pictures taken. During this time we discovered the ring bearer's pillow was missing. Jamie's brother, Andy, rushed off to find a store where a new pillow could be purchased on a Saturday morning. He was successful and fixed the only complication we had for the wedding.
Kyle, Darby and Tom

Brad and the Getaway Car. . . . a Mercedes

Seriously, I wasn't nervous.

Jordan Getting Snazzed Up

Jamie Overwhelmed by the Excitement of it All

Groomdudes Waiting

Angela and Lisa and the Wonderful World of Carrots

Jordan Ready to do His Job

Jamie Ready

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September 8, 2001