Ceremony and Reception

Planning a wedding was one adventure we had never done but were ready to take on with enthusiasm. We enjoyed the wonder of being engaged throughout the holidays, but after New Year's we started our wedding planning in earnest. Finding a church was easy, since we are members of St. Vincent's Parish. But when it came to finding a reception site the task proved much more difficult. David described it best when he said "It was as if a bunch of stampedeing brides stormed through the Puget Sound booking up every available reception site". After much phone calling, driving around and rejection, rejection, rejection, we found it. The perfect place. The 17th floor of The Vault in downtown Tacoma. The Vault has a large enough room, good food, a beautiful view - and it was affordable. We booked it. And are very excited to celebrate there with friends and family. September 8, 2001 - 2:00pm

But, while the church and the reception are the "biggies" in the world of wedding planning, there was still much to do. We were pleased to be able to book our first choice for photographer, Richard Bush of Richard Bush Photography. Richard is a fun guy and a great photographer. Our wedding photos will be beautiful and lasting memories of this special day.

The Cake. Such an important wedding tradition (especially for those of us with sweet tooths). Sharon's Catering & Cakes (6105 125th Ave SE, Bellevue 98006,425/747-2610)is also a bit of a tradition for the bride's family. Sharon provided the cakes for several special family events including the 25th Wedding Anniversary of the bride's parents, the wedding of the bride's brother, and the wedding of the bride's cousins. You have to taste the cake to know what the fuss is all about. Yum!
Ceremony Music

Music was another very important component of the wedding planning. Both Jamie and David knew they wanted instrumental music during the ceremony. They settled on the Swan String Quartet. The beatiful music of the quartet will add the perfect tone to the beauty of the ceremony.
Reception Music

For the reception, we needed a different sound. We booked the Blue Moon Howlers - a ten piece swing band - to help us all "jump, jive and wail" into the evening. Whether you like to swing or just get up and dance, the toe tapping sound of the Blue Moon Howlers will really get the party moving.

The florist took a long time find. Due to several other issues that came up early in the year, a florist was not found until June. But sometimes patience pays off. Randy's Flowers (35002 Pacific Hwy S, Federal Way, WA 98003, 253-952-4855) will be creating the beautiful flowers that will be a part of the wedding and reception. Hydrangeas, roses, larkspur and other beautiful garden flowers will be in the boquets, boutineers and floral arrangements. Other flowers will be provided from a local Dahlia farm. Dahlias are one of the Jamie's favorite flowers. David's comment "Flowers? We need flowers?"

The rings are an important symbol of marriage. David had purchased Jamie's engagement ring at E.E. Robbins in downtown Seattle. They were such wonderful people to work with, we decided to go there to select our wedding rings as well. They really went all out to make sure we got the right rings. If you are thinking of buying an engagement ring sometime in the future, this is a great place to start.

The get-away car for the bride and groom is an unknown. Jamie's dad loves cars. So we decided to let him surprise us with the get-away car as long as he would play chaufeur. We won't know until we leave the church, as Mr. and Mrs. Fry, what kind of car will take us to the reception. It could be anything from a Hummer to an antique car. Jamie's dad is licensed to drive just about anything . . .