The Honeymoon - Hawaii (The Big Island)


We arrived on and departed from the Big Island via the city of Hilo - "city" being a bit of a strong word, "town" might be more appropriate. Though our activities on the island were never centered in the town, we found ourselves venturing through it quite often. It is located on the east side of the Big Island and is very much a town of the locals. What we first noticed was that it rains quite a bit there. We later found out that is rains a lot, 133 inches worth a year, more than any other city in the US (yes, even much more than Seattle). The city is also prone to tsunamis and has been hit hard by them in the past. We found this town to have a lot of character and, as with Mauna Kea, we were disappointed that our quidebooks neglected to mention much about it or we might have spent more time in the town.
Jamie and Rainbow Falls in Hilo

Me and Rainbow Falls

Rainbow at Hilo Airport

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September 19 & 21, 2001