The Honeymoon - Kauai

Helicopter Tour

On the first full day of our trip in Kauai we took a helicopter trip. This trip was the most spectacular part of our stay in Kauai. The trip lasted almost an hour and we flew all over the island. We saw sugarcane fields in Southern Kauai, flew through Waimea Canyon and went along the beautiful and remote Na Pali Coast. We also flew through the central mountains of the island, including the crater of Mt. Waialeale which gets 444 inches of rain a year. It is dubbed the wettest spot on earth. Naturally it was raining when we flew through that part.
Us and the Rig We Flew In. Notice the pilot demonstrating the "hang loose" hand signal

Pool where Indiana Jones was filmed (excaping the tribesmen)

Jurassic Park Falls

Happy Jamie

Waimea Canyon

Na Pali Coast

Hanalei Bay

Wailua Falls (Fantasy Island)

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September 10, 2001