The Honeymoon - Hawaii (The Big Island)

Chain of Craters Road

After driving around the Kiluaea caldera in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park we then drove down the 20 mile long Chain of Craters Road. The road winds down the volcano and passes several craters from previous eruptions. The road also passes through various lava fields created from the eruptions. It eventually reaches the ocean where jagged black cliffs were created when the hot lava met the cold sea water. The road abruptly ends where a 1995 lava flow has crossed the road. The point from which we viewed the lava flowing into the sea on our first night is just on the other side of this lava flow. On our way back we stopped and went on a one mile hike to view the Pu'u Loa Petroglyphs. These pictures were etched in lava by the ancient Hawaiians depicting their life. For the ancient Hawaiians, Pu'u Loa was considered an area of good luck and prosperity.
Lava from a past eruption


Sea arch near end of road



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September 20, 2001