The Wedding - Ceremony

Wedding Particpants
Father Tom Vandenberg:Officiant
Brad and Sandy Haydock:    Parents of the Bride
Victoria Fry:Mother of the Groom
Music Performance:Swan String Quartet
Brent Oswald:Candle Lighter
Stephanie Fry:Candle Lighter
Mark Fry:Reader
Steven Fry:Reader
Amy Fry:Greeter
Joe Fry:Door Attendant

Our wedding took place on September 8, 2001. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. We only had 50 to 60 of our closest family and friends as wedding guests. The ceremony was a full Catholic mass, but I don't think it ran as long as some may have feared. The ceremony went by smoothly and it was a very happy time for both Jamie and I.
Darby and Kristen

Kyle and Lisa

Tom and Angela

Father Tom

Wedding Party

Me and my Mother

Jamie, Sarah and Jordan


Brad, Jamie and Sandy

My Brother Mark

My Brother Steve


Happy Couple

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September 8, 2001