The Bachelor Party

For my bachelor party, my buddies from college and I headed to Las Vegas for a weekend of good clean fun. We toured most of the casinos, played video games, saw the Star Trek exhibit and hung out at the pool. We may have also gambled, drank and saw some shows, but sources can't confirm this.

For some reason most of the photos were taken at the Stratosphere, though it wasn't that great of a casino. They did have a $2 blackjack table, though. On top of the 1,149 foot tower is the Big Shot. This is a ride that shoots you up another 160 feet in the air. I was a bit nervous (though I was the only one in the group willing to go) getting on the ride so high up with strong winds blowing around, but once it kicked off it wasn't that exciting.

The trip was lots of fun and was even sanctioned by the bride. For some reason she would rather have me go partying three weeks before the wedding than go out on the night before.

Myself, Kyle, Eric and Tom at New York, New York

Myself, Kyle and Tom at the Stratosphere

Tom, Eric and Kyle at the Stratosphere

Sin City as seen from the Stratosphere

Big Shot ride on the top of the Stratosphere

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August 17-19, 2001