Sydney Trip - Taronga Zoo

Both Jamie and I visited Taronga Zoo in Sydney, but at different times. When I went it was cold and rainy, which was good since nobody was there. Jamie was fortunate enough to go on a sunny day.

The zoo is located across the harbor from downtown Sydney. To get to the zoo we had to take a ferry that provided great views of the city. Once at the zoo, we then could take a cable car up to the entrance. The zoo, ferry and cable car only cost $13 US which was a good deal.

Once in the zoo we were able to see all the strange Austrian animals. My favorite were the platapus and the echinda (an egg laying hedgehog). We were both able to get pictures with the laziest animal on earth, the koala.

"I hate tourists"

Another Koality Picture

Red Kangaroo and Joey


...and Dingo was his name-o



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April 29/May 30, 2001