Mt. Rose Hike

Once again, Matt and I headed into the Southeastern Olympics for another challenging hike. I thought it would be easier; a short hike up a 4301' mountain; but it ended up being a workout. The suprisingly well maintained trail started at the base of Lake Cushman and it quickly climbed 3500' up the mountain. We were soon at the summit, but there was little to see. Though it was hot and sunny at the lake, a lazy cloud decided to hang over the mountain. We got an occasional view of Lake Cushman and the Olympics between breaks in the fog. Luckily, one good part of the hike was we got to hike down a loop trail which added some variety on the way back.

Stream Near Trailhead

The hike was well maintained, but steep

At the Summit

At the Summit

Looking into the Olympics

Lake Cushman

Mountain Matt

On the Edge

Lake Cushman and Puget Sound

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July 24, 2005