Mailbox Peak Hike

Just north of the popular Mt. Si is a brutal hike up Mailbox Peak. The trail is only three miles long, but 4,000 feet of elevation gain is crammed into that short distance. My sister and I were up for the challenge and weren't surprised by the steep, unrelenting trail. During a clear day the summit offers a 360 degree view of the Cascades. Unfortunately, all we saw was fog and a crowd at the summit. The summit also contained not one, but two mailboxes. Previously the mailboxes were accompanied by a ladder and a fire hydrant. Why someone took them down, I don't know. Then again, who was crazy enough to bring them up? In any case, we were happy to do the hike, but next time there better be a view.

Custom Trailhead

Forrest to Fog

At least the fog couldn't obscure the flowers

Crowd at the Summit

Any Deliveries?

Julie at the Summit

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June 26, 2005