Mount Dickerman Hike

In August I hiked up Mount Dickerman with my brother Steve. This was quite a departure from the obscure North Cascades hike that he normally suggests. I hadn't heard much about the mountain, but was surprised what it had to offer. With 3,900' elevation gain I thought it was going to be another grueling hike, but it wasn't too bad. After we were over halfway up the forest thinned out and we started to get some incredible views of the central Cascades. Things got even better at the top (5,723') with further views of the North Cascades. There were numerous peaks in clear view including Mt. Baker, Mt. Shuksan, Glacier Peak, Three Fingers, Whitehorse Mountain, Mt. Pilchuck and Big Four Mountain. The only mountain not in view was Mt. Rainier, which I see in about every other hike I do. There was a crowd of people on the mountain, but it wasn't too bad as the summit was spread out over a long ridge. I highly recommend this hike. Not only does it have fantastic views, but the trail is in great condition and it isn't too far of a drive.

First View of Summit

Trail Near the Top

Trail and Big Four Mountain

Mountain Dogs

Summit Steve

Glacier Peak

Three Fingers and Whitehorse Mountain

Northwest View of Summit Ridge

Summit (looking south)

Flowers Near Summit

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August 13, 2005