Upper Lena Lake Hike

Last April Matt, I and the wives hiked up to Lena Lake in Olympics. Matt and I returned in the Fall to hike further up the trail to Upper Lena Lake. The hike was 14 miles round trip and 3,900 feet up, which made for a challenge. We wanted the challenge as we were trying to train for doing the Enchantments in one day (we didn't get the opportunity to do so). On the way up we saw over a dozen varieties of mushrooms, probably some were edible and maybe even magical, but we didn't test them out. We quickly made it to up to Upper Lena Lake and were rewarded with a wonderful view and the lake all to ourselves.

Fall colors on the way to Lena Lake

Violet Mushrooms

White Fungi

Red Toadstool

Upper Lena Lake

Mount Bretherton

Mt. Lena

Fall colors around Upper Lena Lake

Upper Lena Lake

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October 3, 2004