2004 Skiing

After last year's terrible ski season we more than welcomed 2004's abundant snowfall. We went on three long driving trips to Whistler/Blackcomb, Red Mountain and Mission Ridge. Perfect snow conditions atop Blackcomb's summit allowed my sister and I to ski down the intimidating double diamond run Blow Hole. For years I had skied up to it's edge, peered down the treacherous drop and said "maybe next near". I still wouldn't have gone down, but once my sister hopped over its edge as a sibling's duty I had to follow. The run wasn't that bad, but normally it is corniced and covered with ice.

A month later we took an eight-hour drive to another Canadian resort, Red Mountain. For years I wanted to go there and had very high expectations for it. Unfortunately, they hadn't had any new snow for days, which kept us on the groomed runs. As a result we couldn't partake in the numerous tree runs with makes up the Red Mountain experience. Sadly my dreams were shattered. Our only hope of returning is if they replace their very long and very slow chairs with high-speed quads. Jamie didn't enjoy the frozen experience provided by the existing chairs.

Happy to find snow above the rainy village

Alive after skiing the notorious Blow Hole at Blackcomb

Julie and Jordan at Whistler

Tree house hidden amongst Whistler's runs

Off of Harmony Ridge at Whistler

We finally made it to Red Mountain after four years of waiting and eight hours of driving

On Red Mountain face

Mission Ridge with Wenatchee as a backdrop

Wing piece of B-24 bomber that crashed on Mission Ridge in 1944

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January-March 2004