MINI Arrival

Over the years Jamie & I have become accustomed to enduring long waits. We waited nine months for our wedding date to come. We waited ten months for our house to get built. But neither of those compared to our wait for Jamie's car. After a thirteen month wait, Jamie's MINI Cooper S had finally arrived. She was on the waiting list for eleven months and it took two more months for the car to get built in Oxford, England and then shipped halfway around the world to the MINI dealership in Fife. It seemed like the day would never come, but it finally did. Once Jamie was able to get in the seat of her custom made car the memories of the long wait soon faded away.

Though small in size and relatively cheap, the MINI is packed with advanced features such as a super charger, run-flat tires, dynamic stability control, automatic temperature control, heated seats, automatic wipers and audio controls in the steering wheel. In some ways, though. the features aren't that surprising since the new MINIs are built by BMW.

In just a month, we managed to put 2,500 miles on the car and will soon be driving it down to Denver and back to attend our niece's wedding. The car is a joy to drive and often there are disagreements about who gets to drive. Since it is Jamie's car, I find myself often riding shotgun. Even so, I still enjoy the ride.

What's Under the Cover?

Could it be...

...Jamie's New MINI!

MINI Getting Acquainted with Jamie

Ready to Leave the Dealership

First Drive

Motoring on I-5

Mountain MINI (at Sunrise)

First Bath

New Home

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July 23-27