Enchantment Lakes - Hiking Day 3

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Jamie was still not feeling well on the third day so we decided it would be best to make a day trip up to the Enchantments and return to our base camp at Snow Lake. Not having to carry heavy packs made for an easier hike up, which was good since we had to scramble 1400 feet up a granite face.

The hike up was very interesting because the route was mostly on solid rock and it followed Snow Creek up to its source. We were concerned about the granite scramble, even though it was steep in places, it was a fairly easy to climb for the both of us. The rock made route finding a bit difficult, but helpful rock cairns guided us up. Eventually the granite flattened out and we were greeted by a spectacular view of Lake Vivian and Prusik Peak, the gateway to the Enchantments.

Snow Creek

Starting Up the Granite

More of Snow Creek

The creek just cascaded off the granite

Getting Steeper...

...and Steeper

At the Top, Upper Snow Lake in the Background

Snow Creek Heading Down to Upper Snow Lake

First Site of Prusik Peak and Lake Vivian

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July 3-5 2004