Spray Park Hike

Near the end of July we went on a quick hike to Spray Park near the northwest corner of Mt. Rainier with our friends, Matt & Victoria. On the hike to the Spray Park, we made a stop at Spray Falls which is an impressive waterfall cascading down the cliff below Spray Park. We also stopped a beautiful lookout with great views of the mountain. Once we reached Spray Park, we were greeted by a wide open field with various colorful mountain flowers in bloom. The field also displayed a spectacular view of Mt. Rainier. It was a nice hike with good friends on a beautiful day in the amazing Pacific Northwest.
Starting the hike

Jamie and Victoria

Matt and David

Stream near Spray Falls

Spray Falls

Hiking the Falls

Entrance to Spray Park

Rainier and Spray Park

Hiking Out

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July 26, 2003