Clark's Long Beach Expedition

In November we drove down to Oregon for some biking and wine touring. On the way down Jamie came upon a Sunset article about a dedication to William Clark's expedition of the southern coast of Washington at Long Beach. She then noticed the dedication was the day were were driving. She then noticed the exit to Long Beach was just ahead of us. In an instant of spontanaity we veered off our route to check our the dedication.

After some searching we found William Clark and his merry band of reinactors. Along with a crowd of history buffs and residents we followed Clark to a statue of a tree dedicating the place where Clark carved his name when exploring the coast almost 200 years ago. It was a fun experience, but we were confused on why Sacagawea's baby was wearing a WSU Cougar hat.

William Clark's Washington Coast Expedition

Expedition team and Seaman the Adventuredog

Tree Monument Dedicating Clark's Expedition

Reinacting William Clark's Television Interview

The same beach Clark looked upon almost 200 years ago

Another Monument to Clark

Who needs a Northwest Passage when you've got a Subaru?

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November 8, 2003