Bay Area Trip - Day 2

Our second day in the Bay Area was all about revelry. The four of us drove up to sunny Napa Valley to partake in the bounty of the land. We first visited the Franciscan Oakville Estate and sampled some tasty, but expensive wines. We then stopped by V. Sattui Winery and had a wonderful picnic consisting of yummy delights from their deli and vineyard. Our next stop was Beringer Vineyard. Thanks to the previous V. Sattui experience we had to nap on the Beringer lawn. After some rest, we took a tour of the winery and sampled more wine.

After our fun in Napa we drove back to San Francisco. Our route took us across the foggy Golden Gate Bridge, for dessert at Ghirardelli Square (neither of Jamie or I had chocolate). Finally, we topped the night off with Sex and the City. (the series on DVD at Tom and Marina's, of course!)

Parking in V. Sattui Winery Vineyard

Tom and Marina at Franciscan Oakville Estate

Us at Franciscan

Another beautiful San Francisco day

Jamie at Tom and Marina's jungle paradise

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July 27, 2002