Lewis River Camping Trip

Over Labor Day weekend Jamie and I car-camped near Lewis River with my sister and her family. The camping area is located in Southern Washington just East of Mount Saint Helens. Three beautiful waterfalls could be found over a stretch of a few miles. Closest to the campsite were the lower falls. Here we could walk around the top of the falls and wade along part of the bottom. Even though the falls were large, it was fairly easily for me to walk along the shallow parts of the river and keep everything above the knees dry.

A few miles up river are the middle falls. Though smaller than the other falls, they were still impressive. What was interesting was that I could walk right up to the falls and touch the wall where the water flowed and not get very wet.

The upper falls were a few miles further up river. But we discovered that the hiking trail to these falls was a bit more challenging than the trails to the other two. The trail was washed out in places so we had to hike up to the road and then drop down back to the trail once we reached the level of the falls. The upper falls were much more private as it was hard to reach. I let my curiosity get the best of me and hiked back on the trail even though it was closed. It wasn't bad until the very end where we had to scramble over some washed out areas.

When we weren't hiking, we spent time with Julie, Willie and Jordan, playing in the river, eating at our campsite and sitting around the fire.

On top of Lower Lewis Falls

Lower Lewis Falls

Lower Lewis Falls - Willie is on logs at right

Hiking the trail to Middle Lewis Falls

Middle Lewis Falls

Upper Lewis Falls

Jordan, Julie, Willie, myself and Jamie at our camp site

Me on top of Lower Lewis Falls

Us in Lewis River

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August 31 - September 2 2002