Selling the House - Exterior

Though it was nowhere near as time consuming as doing the inside of the house, there was still much work to do with the lawn before selling. Jamie's parents helped us clear out the brush in the backyard. I patched up the lawn and Jamie spread 12 cubic yards of bark (actually, she watched as a crew sprayed in the bark). Finally, I finished my wall. The wall itself took three years to complete, but I spent six summers cutting back and digging up the brush and bramble in the back before I had won the battle. It is sad that I never got a summer to enjoy the full fruits of my labor. Still, I think things turned out well and hope the new owner enjoys the end result.

House with For Sale sign

Jamie with the Rhodies she revived

Healthy Rhododendrons

Me and my Wall

Originally this was all brush and brambles

Results of My Blood, Sweat and Beers

Jamie and Her Historical Rose Garden

A few of the many flowering plants which will probably die of neglect

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January-May 2002