Colorado Trip - Skiing

We skied with Mark, Cindy and Amy one day at Copper Mountain and one day at Winter Park. Both ski areas had altitudes of over 12,000 feet at their summits. Jamie and I weren't used to such a high altitude and didn't adjust well while skiing at Copper Mountain on our first day. I got a bad headache and Jamie got so sick that she had to stop mid-day. We felt better on our second day at Winter Park, but had to contend with fog and snow. In both areas the snow level was surprisingly low for the altitude. We occasionally found ourselves navigating the rocks more than the snow.

Amy and I near the top of Copper

View from Excelerator at Copper

Amy and Jamie at Solitude Station

Jamie at Copper

Jamie and I at Winter Park (with Cindy speeding off in the distance)

Mark and I at Winter Park

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February 17-18, 2002