Olympic Coast Backpacking - Hiking In

In June, Jamie and I joined Matt and Victoria on yet another Olympic Coast backpacking trip. We started our trip from the north end of Lake Ozette and proceeded three miles along a well maintained boardwalk to Sand Point on the ocean. We then hiked a few more miles down to the more remote Yellow Banks beach. After some searching, we found a cozy campsite to call home. Soon after setting up camp, I got a fire going and we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows for dinner. We waited well into the evening for the waves to creep into our fire pit. It seem like it was never going to happen until a big wave crashed in and not only totally extinguished the fire, but almost got us. Thanks to Matt's lightning reflexes, Victoria was saved from almost certain dampness.

Victoria, Matt and Jamie at the Trailhead

Us on the Boardwalk to Sand Point

Beach Jamie

Yellow Banks

Victoria, Matt and the Roaring Fire

Many the marshmallow were roasted that night

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June 22, 2002