Lake Chelan Trip - Activities

In May Jamie and I went to Lake Chelan to spend a weekend at her family's condo at Wapato Point. The nearby town of Manson happened to be having their Apple Blossom celebration that weekend. In addition to a parade and carnival rides, they also had their 5K Pig Jig run. Since I was planning on running anyway, I joined in on the race. It was the smallest race I had ever been in - maybe 50 people or so. The race numbers were half sheets of colored paper with a pig stamp and handwritten numbers. Still, there were a few good runners in the race, so I didn't come anywhere near first place . . . maybe 5th.

We brought our bikes with us to Chelan so we could take advantage of the biking opportunities in the area. We rode through the nearby hills of Manson. We rode through though apple orchards and visited B's Antiques, which sold, um . . . old stuff.

Lake Chelan from the East shore

Jamie at the Wapato beach

More of Jamie at Wapato

Start of the Manson Pig Gig 5k

Jamie and I biking

Jamie riding the hills of Manson

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May 10-12, 2002