Mt Wow Winter Scramble

My second winter scramble of the season was up Mt. Wow which is southwest of Rainier. Though it was supposed to be a snowshoe trip, we never used our snowshoes due to the limited snowfall of the season. We did have to use our crampons to go up the last 50 feet. It was first time I had to use my crampons outside of practice. I almost forgot how to put them on.

Though there was little snow, the hike was a tiresome one. We went up 4000 feet to get to the 6030 foot summit. The incredible views at the top made it all worth the effort. Once we crested the summit we were greeted by a very close-up view of Rainier. I seriously said "Wow" when I reached the summit. It was an unnaturally clear winter day so I could also see Mt. Adams and Mt. Saint Helens in the distance.

The Summit of Wow

At the Summit Looking Northeast to Rainier

Mt Saint Helens to the South

Mt Adams to the South

Looking Northwest to the Puget Sound

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January 6, 2001