Pyramid Peak Winter Scramble

In March I did my last snowshoe trip of the season. I went on a three day trip with the Mountaineers in an attempt to scramble up Pyramid Peak, just Southeast of Rainier. On our way in we had some interesting creek/river crossings. One such crossing was consisted of a bridge made of a log and a single guide wire. Though not an obsticle during the summer, the bridge proved to be more of a challenge with a narrow three-foot high strip of snow on it. The creek was only ten feet below, but falling into a freezing creek during the winter was not something I wanted to do.

We set up camp near Indian Henry's Hunting Ground. No views were to be seen, but it was still nice to be in the very quiet white of the snow covered landscape. Though I had a tent to myself I did not sleep well. I got very cold on both nights of the trip. Near the end of the trip I discovered that my Therma-rest was losing air over the night resulting in very little between me and the snow beneath the tent.

On the second day we tried to summit Pyramid Peak. We got within 1000 feet, but heavy clouds obscured the summit and the possible routes to get to it. To be safe we turned around and went back to camp. Later, we hiked up nearby Mt. Ararat, but it was not much of a challenge.

Hiking Across Indian Henry's Hunting Ground

Winter Home

Hiking Back

Hornpipe Creek (I think)

Bridge of Death

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March 9-11, 2001