Hurricane Hill Snowshoe Trip - 2001

Near the end of December I signed up with the Mountaineers to do the Mt. Angeles winter scramble near Hurricane Ridge. The previous year I saw the mountain while snowshoeing Hurricane Hill and wanted to climb it. The week before the climb my brother Steve warned me that there was avalanche danger for the weekend of the climb. I still proceeded with the trip only to have it changed that day due to - you guessed it - avalanche danger. As a result, we ending up doing Hurricane Hill instead. I wasn't that excited about it since I had already hiked it and it had been a three hour drive to get there. Still, I was safe, which was important. Ironically, my brother snuck up there and climbed Mt. Angeles the next weekend.
The mountain I was never meant to climb

Hurricane Hill... again

Foggy hike to the top of Hurricane Hill

My group (courtesy of fellow Mountaineer)

Hiking back down (courtesy of fellow Mountaineer)

On the top of Hurricane Hill (courtesy of fellow Mountaineer)

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December 23, 2001