Lake Serene Hike

In July my sister Julie, her son Jordan and I went on a hike to Lake Serene at the base of Mount Index. Actually it was Julie and I who did the hiking while Jordan got an extended piggy back ride. As a result, this relatively easy hike became a tiring one with Julie carrying Jordan on the way up and me lugging him on the way down.

The day was overcast, making the final destination being less than spectacular. Lake Serene sits at the base of the imposing face of Mount Index, but all we saw was a lazy cloud hanging 50 or so feet above us. On the way up we did get to see the impressive Bridal Veil Falls cascading down the cliff below Lake Serene. This ended up making the hike worth the work.

Julie and Jordan taking one of many snack breaks

mid Bridal Veil Falls

lower Bridal Veil Falls

more of lower Bridal Veil Falls

Lake Serene and awe inspiring face of Mount Index

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July 1,2000