The Trusty Saturn

July 7, 1993 - November 27, 2000

After being exceptionally dependable for over seven years my trusty Saturn has begun to show signs of age. With repair costs exceeding the price of the car I had to reluctantly except the fact it was time for us to part ways and walk/drive our separate paths.

I'm not sure what caused its demise at 123000 miles. It could of been the many drives to the mountains through deep snow and rough roads. It could of been the brutal commute to Bothell I did a couple years back. It could of been caused by shoddy craftsmenship common to American cars. It could of been the time I took it airborn. In any case the vehicle has served me well and I will truly miss it.

Saturn Bio
Model: 1993 SL2
Engine: 4 Cyl 124 HP Twin Cam
Miles: 123000
MPG: 35
Purchase Date: July 7, 1993
Place of Purchase: Saturn of Puyallup
Purchase Prise: $12000
Maximum Speed: 114 MPH, Crater Lake Trip (September 1993)
Speeding Tickets: 1, Seattle Express Lanes (August 1993)
Warnings: 6
Breakins: 1, U District (1994)
Towings: 1 U District (1994)
Parking Tickets: 2
Ski Trips: 80+
Hiking Trips: 20+
Last Service Bill: $663.87
Proposed Bill to Fix Other Problems: $1160.09 (excluding recently found head gasket failure)
Value Traded in: $1500

Memorable Moments

Tom, Kyle and Audra at Crater Lake (1993)

us again at Crater Lake (1993)

Sylvester the cat posing at parent's home (1993)

in front of my new house (1995)

at Mount Baker cabin (1996)

near Mt Hood (1998)

at Mount Baker resort (1999)

car camping at Mt Saint Helens (2000)

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November 27, 2000