The Proposal

December 19, 2000 was no ordinary day. It was the day I proposed to Jamie. The previous day I had picked up the ring and a rose to present to Jamie. The next day we were going up to ski at Mt. Baker. While packing that night, I broke the rose I planned to give to her. I was in a panic. How could I propose to Jamie without a rose?

The next day we got up early and headed up to Baker. We just happend to miss packing a lunch so we stopped at a store on the way. I saw some roses there, but Jamie was with me so I couldn't buy one. As we went back to the car I mentioned to Jamie that we forgot to get some fruit and graciously volunteered to go back and get some. I was able to go back, get a rose (and some fruit) and return to the car without Jamie suspecting a thing.

We got to Baker and skied until the afternoon. At that point I suggested to Jamie that we stop in the middle of one our favorite runs, Razorhone Canyon, and have a cookie break. Jamie was cold and wanted to go inside. After some persistance I convinced her to stop. I took off my pack and pulled out a cookie for Jamie. She was not that impressed. I then took out the rose (intact) and she was very surprised. Finally, I got on my knee and presented the ring. She was surprised and very very excited. Oh, and she also said "Yes".

David Looking Sneaky

The Cookie

The Rose

The Ring

Mission Accomplished

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December 19, 2000