Noble Knob Hike

In mid-July Jamie and I hiked to Noble Knob, a big hill northeast of Mount Rainier. There was very little elevation gain in the hike making it much more pleasant than our previous hikes this year. The only challenge was the hike up the Noble Knob itself at the end of the trail. The day was clear and sunny making for a beautiful hike with great views of Rainier. Besides the great views, the only notable event was when I lost my brakes heading back down the steep six mile long dirt road from the trailhead. I learned something new. Never coast six miles down a steep hill only in neutral.
Jamie at the trailhead

A flat trail? Who chose this hike?

you can't get much more scenic than this

at the base of the Noble Knob

Jamie at the top

yep, I've been up there

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July 16,2000