Mount Saint Helens Trip - Views from the Northeast

After our Mount Margaret hike, Jamie and I drove up to Windy Ridge which gave us a close-up view of the crater and of Spirit Lake. On the ridge they had a photo of the thick old growth forrest which existed in the area prior to the eruption. Now it is a dusty barren ridge.

With no trees in the way, incredible views could be seen from anywhere in the blast area. At one point along the Norway Pass-Mount Margaret trail we could see Rainier, Adams, Hood and Saint Helens all at the same time. Also, during this hike we could see my car from from as far as two miles out. Normally the parking log disappears as soon as we step on the trail and into the forest cover.

After Windy Ridge we drove out of the blast zone and back into the forest. From there we headed north back to home. Before leaving the Mt. Saint Helens wilderness we found a short trail off the side of the road. It led to the very secluded and beautiful Iron Creek Falls resulting in a great end to a wonderful trip.

Mt. St. Helens and Spirit Lake from Mt. Margaret trail

devastation seen from The Edge

forest around Mt. Margaret trail

Mt. Rainier from Mt. Margaret trail

Mt. Adams from Mt. Margaret trail

Mt. Hood from the road to Windy Ridge

Jamie and I at Windy Ridge

Jamie at Iron Creek Falls

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July 23, 2000