Mount Saint Helens Trip - South Side

In July Jamie and I made the long drive to Mount Saint Helens. Our main goal was to hike up Mount Margaret on the northeast side of the volcano, but first we started our adventure on the southwest side as part of a loop tour. We stopped at Ape Cave, which is an ancient lava tube that is almost a mile long and was created from an erruption hundreds of years ago. We walked through most of it and had fun taking pictures in the dark.

Next we drove to a lava canyon created from an eruption prior to the 1980 blast. The 1980 eruption cleared out debris covering the previously hidden canyon. The result is a canyon with steep rocky sides and a river containing fantastic waterfalls flowing in between the canyon walls. A suspension bridge was built a mile down the canyon. I had lots of fun jumping up and down on the bridge while a nervous Jamie clutched the sides. Further down, the trail cut into the walls of the canyon creating a narrow path with a steep and long drop off to the river. Feeling uncomfortable, Jamie decided it was time to turn around. If she had only seen some of the routes I had to take in my climbing class!

Jamie at the entrance of Ape Cave

spelunker punk

Jamie in Ape Cave

upper section of canyon

suspension bridge over canyon

Jamie on the bridge

further down the canyon

Jamie going as far a she would go

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July 22, 2000