Granite Mountain Hike

In June Jamie and I did a tough hike up Granite Mountain near Snoqualmie Pass. I wasn't expecting much for a hike that started just off the roaring lanes of I-90. We first started in the forest, but it soon gave way to exposed rock gardens. The rocks then gave way to a snow field that followed a ridge up to the summit. Jamie was new to hiking up snow fields and discovered how tiring it is to do so. Another challenge with the snow was that is was melting away resulting in it collapsing unexpectantly under foot. At the end of the 3800' elevation gain hike we came upon a lookout tower and a summit registery where Jamie was able to log in her first successful mountain summit. The variance in terrain and the cloud free views at the top made this a suprisingly enjoyable hike.
the end result of a tough hike

Jamie and David near the start of the trail

Jamie above the tree line

snow field to summit

Jamie taking a break before the final approach

Jamie at the summit of Granite Peak

Kaleetan, Chair and Bryant Peeks

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June xx, 2000