Olympic Coast Trip - Hiking In

For Memorial Day weekend Jamie and I went to the Olympic Penninsula for some coastal hiking. We spent the first night in Port Townsend at the James House bed and breakfast. It was a very nice Victorian-style house sitting on a bluff above the town overlooking the Sound.

The next day we drove halfway around the penninsula to Rialto beach where we started our hike. It was overcast and rained off and on, but the weather didn't spoil the secluded beauty of the Olympic coast. We hiked a mile north and came upon the Hole in the Wall, which is exactly what the name says. Since the tide was out we were able to hike through it and continue up the beach.

We hiked another four or five miles through sand, gravel, boulders and large driftwood timbers. We set up camp on on the beach and made a fire. It started to rain near the end of dinner so we jumped in the tent for the rest of the night (it rained before I could make my smore!). In the evening we could hear the waves getting louder and louder as the tide came in. Jamie had some strong concerns the tent was going to get breached by the waves, but I held faith to my tide tables and waited out the waves which never did reach us.

Jamie at the James House b&b

Jamie at the James House b&b

Jamie starting out on the hike

see that wave behind us, it got in front of us

David leading the way

sea stacks near Rialto Beach

Hole in the Wall

the savage coast

waterfront property

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May 26-27, 2000