Whistler Ski Trip

In April, Jamie and I headed up to Whistler for a wonderful sunny weekend of skiing. Even though it was late April the snow was still decent, especially at the higher elevations.
Whistler consists of two ski areas Whistler and Blackcomb. On the first day we went to Blackcomb. Here we are at the top of the 7th Heaven chair at 7494 feet.

We headed down to a huge terrain park where some skiers and snowboarders were pulling off incredible jumps. I attempted some rather lame jumps which can be seen below. In the first photo I was so low to the ground that you can't see me in the air. The second photo is of my patented out-of-control jump which took me years to perfect.

After making it through the terrain park I was thankful to be alive and uninjured, which can be seen in this generic happy skier photo.

The next day we skied Whistler. In the photo below Jamie is partway down a double diamond run off of Harmony Ridge. Again, like the Baker photos, this doesn't look very challenging, but she is standing at the end of a steep chute which opens up to a steep run. I hope that someday I can take photos which will give justice to the steeper runs.

This last photo shows me near some avalanche debris off of Glacier Bowl. I'm showing my happiness since I was able to avoid the falling debris, though I have to admit it probably happened several weeks ago.

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April 17-18, 1999