New York Trip

At the end of August I went to New Jersey on a business trip. While I was there, I was able to sneak off to New York for few days and see two good friends, Kyle and Audra, who had recently moved there. I had never been to New York so there was lots for me to see.
I first met up with Kyle and we walked all over Manhattan. The following photos are of the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge and the World Trade Center.

Empire State Building

Brooklyn Bridge

Kyle and World Trade Center

For a small fortune I took an elevator up to the 110th floor of one of the World Trade Center buildings. From there I got a rather impressive view of the city. The first photo is looking north up to Mid- and Uptown-Manhattan. The second photo is looking southeast to the bridges that head into Brooklyn.



The next day we met up with Audra who was busy with her new job at the AP. At the end of the night we posed for a photo at a subway station on the way home.

Audra at work

at the subway

I spent my last day with Audra in Manhattan. We rode the Staten Island Ferry and were treated to a wonderful view of the city.

Manhattan from Staten Island Ferry

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July 31 - August 2 1999