Sunriver Family Reunion

For Labor day weekend my immediate family gathered at Sunriver Resort in Oregon. Though a lot of fun things were done by all, I only got photos of the wild things my nephews and I did. Special thanks to Joey (Joe to non-uncles) for taking the river photos.

This image is of me falling 30 feet into the Dechutes River. I learned that you should keep your hands at your side when slamming into a river from 30 feet above. The second most painful part of jump had to do with the glacial river water I was submerged in. Can you say "numbage"?

Here Eric chooses to use a wiser method of falling into the river. Still no matter how you did it the freezing water was always there to greet you.

After getting bored with just simply falling in the river we chose to jump our bikes into it. The answers to the most common questions are: It was over five feet deep where we hit and It was a soft landing when we hit water. We did find out that bikes do not float so we had to hold on to them when we hit water or it would of been bye bye bicycle. On the right Eric demonstrates how to properly jump a bike. Below I show how not to.

Finally, while everybody else was having fun my sister Julie and her newborn Jordan were passed out from his relentless feeding demands.

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