Lake Washington Kayaking

During this Autumn Audra and I went kayaking twice in Lake Washington. Both trips started from the shipping canal and we had to cross the treacherous waters underneath Montlake Bridge to get to the lake. Our first trip involved a visit to Bill Gates' house on the east side. The second trip was to I-90 on the west side.
This first photo is of your standard Canadian Goose in the Arboredum. I don't know if these beasts are still on the endangered species list, but there are definitely way to many of them now. We should start a new holiday similar to Thanksgiving where this bird is the main course.

Here is one of the more elegant birds of the Arboredum. I'm not sure if it is a stork or a heron. Notice how it looks like it is standing on the water. That is because the water wasn't very deep and as a result I got my kayak stuck in the mud while taking the picture.

Here the photo shy (grouchy) Audra and I are paddling between the columns of 520 on the way to Bill's house. It isn't as easy as it looks, there is a current moving perpendicular to the bridge which makes for a challenge.

After crossing the lake we headed towards Bill's humble home. Much to our surprise he was not out to greet us. He must of not of got my email that we were coming.

On our second trip we took a break in a park under I-90 during a beautiful Autumn day. If you look really hard you can see the yuppies sipping their lattes in the distance.

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